A tale as old as time

Fairytales always begin with once upon a time, and most often than not, it ends in happily ever after. Of course, it is not that hard to figure out why. Cinderella has glass slippers, Aladdin has a magic lamp, Snow White has seven dwarves, and Sleeping Beauty has fairy godmothers.

But then, this scenario does not usually occur in real life. No one gets three wishes granted just as easy as how it was told in the books. For one reason, fact and fiction are far different from each other.

There is only one thing common between them.

In fairytales, there are villains. In the real world, there will always be antagonists.

Their strategies are somewhat identical to each other. They could give you a beautiful but poisonous apple to make you fall asleep for hundreds of years. Or perhaps, they may even curse you to death. They may be werewolves disguised as people in need of help. But do not be deceived, or else you shall be eaten alive.

Even inside our beloved San Beda, this whole setting of wicked evil characters continue to exist. But behold, these real life villains may even be wiser than your usual witches and ogres. If you do not know how to play your cards right, then you might consider abandoning your high hopes for a happy ending.

The Bedan Watcher may have had its 60 seconds of fame, but beware of the fake glitter for it can forever blind your eyes. They are venomous antagonists pretending to be allies, but in fact they are parasites and leeches whose real purpose is to cause havoc by afflicting everyone with an epidemic plague. They call themselves heroes, and yet they are not even courageous enough to reveal their secret identities. They brand others as sinners, though they themselves are not saints. They are promoting bedlam, but they are lucky enough to escape the blame with others to serve as their scapegoats.

They make use of journalism, but no, they are not journalists. Because they are not worthy to be called as such.

Journalism without ethics is not journalism at all. There is nothing to hide if you know you are principled enough to stand by the truth and nothing else. There is nothing to be afraid of if you know for yourself that you are truly being just and objective. If you spell your words in the name of journalism, then take full accountability for every letter that you write.

A real journalist is courageous, yet objective; principled, but not egoistic; rational, and not emotional. He knows the difference between fact and fiction. He knows how to properly deliver news, because without basis it becomes nothing more than plain gossip.

Just so you know, someone is watching.

For as long as there is a need for real journalists, the history of The Bedan will be a tale as old as time.

*     *     *

This  was my second column for The Bedan. It was written for volume 66, when I was the news editor of the said student publication.


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