Once upon a time

This is my sixth column for The Bedan, and this would most probably be my last as well.

This time, I will not be talking about puppet shows. No more Cartoon Network, no more Santa Claus, and no more nursery rhymes. I will no longer tell you about someone else’s fairytales. Because this time, I want to talk about mine.

When I first set foot inside the Lions’ den, I was just a small town girl who had absolutely no idea what college would be like for me. Inside the walls of this academic institution, I never thought I would find a home.

This four-year joyride of mine took a lot of twists and turns as I began to discover myself along the way. When I decided to shift from the Department of Accountancy to BS Economics and Public Policy, I knew I was heading into a different direction, a path which I chose for myself. This may have prolonged the journey, but I am certain that it will be worthwhile.

The highlight of my story inside these ivory-clad walls was, of course, when I joined The Bedan. Being the second female editor-in-chief in the history of this 67-year old publication, I had to take it upon myself to initiate recovery to this once glorious school paper which severely suffered from a great depression (as how we might probably refer to in Economics). Some may not understand, but for all of us who genuinely care for this institution within an institution, no currency on the face of earth could ever compensate for all the sacrifices that we have been through in order to keep our student publication alive.

I do not want to go into details for I am preventing myself to become overly dramatic about this, but for what it is worth, I pray that someday my beloved alma mater will also be an academic institution where the voices of students are regarded to with utmost importance and where campus press freedom is never taken for granted.

After this column, I still have one more semester to spend inside the Lions’ den. But before anything else, I would like to make the most out of this page to thank all the people who played a special role in my fairytale.

To my blockmates, Lea, Jomila, Carlos, Allen, Fil, Loise, Kel, Grace, Arnold, and to the rest of 4-AEC, thank you for accepting me in the block. The past two years have been so much fun. Good luck to all of you!

To my department chair, Dr. Benedicto Marcelino, thank you for allowing me to become part of the Economics department. To my favorite Economics professors, Prof. Lucky Malveda, Prof. Jun Viray, Prof. Nic Conti, Prof. Rulina Viloria, Prof. Harold Valera, I have learned so much from you. Thank you for your patience and for sharing your knowledge to us.

To my second family, The Bedan, you have provided me the best chapter that could ever be written on my story book. Julius, because of the love you have given for the paper, I am confident that I will be leaving the publication in good hands. To my co-editors, Khryc, Nicole, Pao, Enzo, cheers to volume 67. I hope I was a good EIC to you guys. To my previous co-editors in volume 66, Danna, Pua, Marc, Jr, I will never forget the struggles that we have been through together. To my mentors, Ate Trish, Kuya Kots, Kuya Bryan, Kuya Migs, Kuya Jio, Ate Nice, Kuya Jd, Kuya Ej, you have taught me a lot of things and I will forever be indebted. Thank you for your trust. To our most loyal manager and everybody’s friend, Ryan, I know someday you’ll make it big in the photography industry. Thanks for the friendship! To our very devoted layout artist, Jv, thank you for lending your creative skills to the publication. To volume 68, Justine, Pax, Nevin, Jonathan, Darvin, Nissi, Jeck, Jen, Gary, Wan, Karl, I do not expect you to be like volume 67. I expect you to be better. I am proud of you! To the rest of my The B family, thank you for all the memories. You are truly the best thing that happened to me in San Beda.

To my real life villains, you are essential to my fairytale because without you I will not be able to do all those things which you said I could not. Thank you for making me a better person.

To my best friends, Ellai, Hannah, and Arian, you girls are my wickedly beautiful step-sisters. Though I am not perfect, I know I can always count on you to fly by my side and save the day. I have three pairs of shoulders that I can cry on, and for that, I am lucky to have you. Thank you very much.

To my knight in shining armor every time I play damsel in distress, Mark Romillo Clemente, I could dedicate this whole page to you and still it won’t be enough. My college life would not have been the same without you. Thank you.

To my real-life fairy god mother and fairy god father (if that is the appropriate term), my parents, I owe everything to you. I apologize if I have, in any way, disappointed you. And I thank you for always understanding and giving me the opportunity to have a good future. Someday you will be proud of me. To my brother and my sisters, Mek, Ate Melai, and Micah, you are my guardian angels. Because I know you are always here for me, I could never ask for more. I love all of you and there is nothing that I would not give.

To God Almighty, I thank you for all the blessings. I know you have been listening to my prayers all along, and you are truly my hero.

In fiction, they say all fairytales have happy endings. I say, I do not know about the end part. But I certainly do know I am happy.

Thank you, San Beda!


This was published as my graduation column for The Bedan volume 67: Graduation issue. This serves as my final column for the school paper.


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