Farewell, 67!

Just a year ago, I was appointed as the second female editor-in-chief of The Bedan, the official student publication of the College of Arts and Sciences of San Beda College – Manila.

And tomorrow, my term ends.

Tomorrow, a new set of editorial board will continue on defending campus press freedom and fighting for the voices of each and every student. Before so, I would like to share with all of you a very important weapon I have been armed with for the past four years of being a student journalist.

“Write NOT to impress, but to express.”

I hear this a lot from my mentors when I was still starting as a writer. And now, I believe it’s my turn to impart these words to you, my beloved brothers-in-ink.

For every stroke of your pen, always write with dignity. For every blot of your ink, always write for what you believe in. Stick to your principles at all costs and never, never brag. Remember that even the greatest writer in history have had the opportunity to better himself.

If others do not believe in what you can do, if others look down on you, if others do not respect you, that is the time you must learn NOT to listen. For instance it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman (or in between), because as an editor, your worth is based on what you can offer the publication, and it does not include chromosomes. Instead, focus on what your goals are for these will prove them wrong eventually. If you let their negativity get into you, then you are bound to let down the whole studentry.

Lastly and most importantly, LOVE what you do. Dark circles will soon surround your eyes. Coffee will become your new best friend. Juggling academics and journalism will make you go crazy. And when others start saying it is not worth it, that is when your love for the publication will tell you otherwise.

As I bid my final farewell to volume 67, I am confident that I will leave the publication in good hands. You make me proud! Please do a heck of a great job for The Bedan.

Good luck, volume 68!!! :)

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