My sister’s Cinderella Story

I am not entirely a newbie when it comes to organizing events. When I was in high school, it’s been a tradition for the junior confederation officers to make all the preparations for the junior-senior prom. I was the chairman then, so technically I was in charge. Surprisingly, (I hope my batchmates would agree with me on this) it turned out better than what I was expecting.

Just a few months ago, again I had to be responsible for organizing a big event. This time, it was for my sister’s eighteenth birthday celebration. Since our mom is in the states, my sister and I had to do most of the work for her debut. We’ve been busy preparing for her grand day since April (and of course, we had to report every detail to our mom every now and then).

Almost a week ago, June 4th to be exact, we were able to push through with the celebration. My sister’s debut, although emotional, was filled with very colorful memories.

Here’s how we were able to do it:

The event had to take place in our hometown, of course. We searched for a venue that’s big enough to accommodate all the guests. On our case, there were around a hundred and fifty. La Parilla Hotel also provided us a package which already included an emcee, the eighteen roses and the eighteen candles, the overall arrangement of the venue according to her motif (colors were purple and fuschia, by the way), and the torch parade entrance for the debutant.

As for the food, we attended the food-tasting three weeks before my sister’s birthday. I chose most of dishes (except for the fruit salad and buko pandan because it was my mom who insisted on those). The honey-glazed chicken was my favorite, followed by the fish fillet with tartar sauce. There were also other viands, including stir-fried beef and seafood with vegetables. Lechon was present, of course. My dad also made sure there were fruit slices, and I had to be certain as well that my favorite cucumber, lettuce and tomato salad wasn’t missing. No pictures are available because I was too busy during the event itself that I actually forgot to take a shot or two. Sorry about that.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Yes, the cake! My sister and I went to Edna’s Cakeland and we both fell in love at first sight with this beautiful seven-layered floating cake. They designed it according to the motif and it turned out exactly like what we have envisioned. And it does taste great, too! The flavors we chose were chocolate, mocha, and butter.

The souvenirs were scented candles shaped in butterfly. There were two colors to be given away, purple for the guys and pink for the girls. The invitations were designed by my good friend Jv Ruanto who used to be the layout artist of The Bedan. And aside from helping out with all the planning for my sister’s debut, I also made her audio visual presentation which was played as an introduction before her grand entrance.

My sister and my dad were the ones who hired the photo and video coverage team so I don’t know about that, but for her hair and makeup (and mine also), I was the one who came up with Glenn Agustin. He’s been our makeup artist since I was in high school which is why I trust him so much. He is professional and was very hands-on whenever my sister needed him during the entire occasion. Evidently in the photos, my sister was indeed very glamorous so I guess we didn’t make a mistake.

Of course, this blog entry wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention the gown, would it? My sister wore a two-toned ball gown in fuschia with hues of violet as it catches the light. The upper part was done with silver beadwork and with scattered rhinestones all over. And lastly, the crumples were styled on her skirt with even more jewels sewn on it for the classic princess feel.

I’m sure my mom would be very proud if only she was able to witness how my little sister blossomed into a lady that night. It would have been a happier event for all of us if she was there because we miss her so much.

If you are reading this right now mama, we all love you very much- even more than how words could possibly explain! :)

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