Singaporean Chicken Rice is LOVE

Alright, I know you have a reason to say that I am only obsessing over Singapore since I just blogged about it a week ago.  But please do not browse away from my page just yet. This time, we are going to explore the magic of Singaporean cuisine in Cubao (Yes, you won’t need to go too far!). Just stay where you are, stick to my blog for a while, and I swear, you are up to a delightful treat!

What you have to do is ride the LRT2 (or whichever way of transportation is more convenient for you) going to Araneta Center Cubao. From Araneta, just head straight to the corner of Gen. Roxas avenue and Time Square avenue. It’s just beside Shopwise building so be careful not to miss the big red sign.

If you are into fancy restaurants, Singaporean Chicken Rice is probably not for you. I am where there is good food, so to me it doesn’t matter if it’s served on golden plates or in wooden sticks sold along the streets. The place is not horrible at all though. We are talking about a fastfood restaurant that is clean and cozy, and there aren’t too many people too. (I don’t know if that matters to you, but I just hate it when the crowd gets suffocating.) The waiters are all very friendly and the service was surprisingly fast.

Let me share another surprising thing about this place. Apart from the fact that they have spaghetti on their menu when they are supposed to be a Singaporean restaurant (yeah, I found that a little odd), the prices are all unbelievably cheap! Really, you won’t expect that from a place selling anything  that is Singaporean.

Moving on to the most important part… the food.

My boyfriend and I ordered so much since everything on the menu was pretty affordable. We wanted to taste all of it (and we would have had if only we were blessed with a stomach that is good for five people). The first one on our checklist was the Kaya Toast. I can say that it is my most favorite since I’ve been craving for it ever since we first visited Singaporean Chicken Rice. You can have it for Php45 and that’s already good for two. You get six mini sandwiches that is rich with butter and sweet kaya spread, a very creamy mixture of sugar, eggs and coconut milk.

Next is the Nasi Lemak which is another must-try. I read that Nasi Lemak means “rice cooked in coconut  cream” which probably says a lot about it being a real tasty dish. It is served with peanuts, cucumber topped with spicy sauce, anchovies and a slice of scrambled egg. If it’s your first time, the way to eat this is to actually mix everything up. Seriously, slice the fried egg and the cucumber into bits then just mix it up with everything else- the rice, the anchovies, the spicy sauce, and the peanuts. It might not look as appetizing as the beginning, but trust me, the taste will be so much better. It’s a very flavorful dish, a little sweet and spicy, somewhat salty, and with a hint of crunchiness in every bite. And hey, did I mention it’s only for P35 per plate? It’s true, so dig in!

We also tried Pancit Chino (P55) and Pork Satay (P45). Pancit Chino was dubbed as the local favorite so we didn’t let the day pass without a taste of it. And Satay is also a famous Singaporean dish, so of course, we just had to order some. It’s also available in chicken and one order is equivalent to two sticks served with peanut sauce. Satay, I think, is like their own form of “barbecue” in Singapore, but the taste is not entirely the same so it’s worth a try as well. As for Pancit Chino, I did not find anything special about the dish. Don’t get me wrong, it does taste good. But that’s it. Just good.

We went back the next day to try Mee Goreng (P65). The cashier told me it is almost the same with Pancit Chino, except it’s sweet and spicy flavor. I like this one a lot better.

Now for the bestseller, they have the Hainanese Chicken Rice (P95). Do not be alarmed if your white chicken is served cool because it is normally dipped in ice water after cooking to seal in the flavor. It comes with warm rice prepared using flavorful chicken broth instead of just plain water. To maximize the taste, you may put a bit of ginger and red chili sauce to every bite. In comparison to the original Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore, I found it a little bland for my taste. But it wasn’t so bad, most especially if you consider the fact that the one in Penang Hill costs almost triple.

Last and definitely not the least, do not dare miss their Dinosaur drink! It’s a chocolate shake with powdered choco goodness on top. You can enjoy this heavenly treat for only P45, but I suggest you add another P15 and upgrade it into bigger size. You won’t regret it later, I assure you.

Well, that’s about everything from my experience in Singaporean Chicken Rice. Do pay them a visit, too. Who knows, you might be back for more… just like what I did! :D


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