Small town girl meets high fashion

“Taste is something that you just can’t learn.” -Michael Kors

Long before Magkaribal was aired on the Philippine television, I have always wanted to become a fashion designer. I have been an avid viewer of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, and everything high fashion for as long as I could remember. As a small town girl who grew up in a city where billboards cannot compete with that of EDSA’s, magazines pretty much consumed a huge part of my allowance soon after I entered the puberty stage and became aware of the difference between stilettos and wedges. I am not particularly sure whether or not this gave justice to the way I dress, but if anything, I only became more and more obsessed about the fashion industry.

There was one time back in high school when I had a chance to choose which elective course to enroll in for our junior and senior year. While the others went for Cooking (as it was the most popular choice), Automotive (where most were guys), and Computer (the teacher gives high grades), I was on my happiest in the Dressmaking class. There were only seven of us, but that did not really matter. What actually mattered was that my hemmings are beautifully done, and more importantly, I refused to get a grade lower than 95 for my tidy straight stitches. Since then, my frustration to become a fashion designer grew more intense every single minute of everyday.

After I graduate college on October, I will be heading towards a direction where I always wanted to be- in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, or perhaps in the School of Fashion and the Arts. A master’s degree can wait, but my dreams to be part of this very voguish industry have already been on hold for so long. I await for that day when I can finally show the world my own creation of clothes that are contemporary and fashion forward.

In the place where I grew up, there is no Zara, no Topshop, no Mango. But someday, if my dreams come into reality, they won’t need Coco Chanel nor Dolce and Gabbana.

After all, they’ll have Marj!

…But of course, I will always love you Christian Dior. ♥


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