Current obsession: Jay Nicolas Sario

I blogged about my love for fashion design the other day. And just yesterday, I finished watching a whole season of Project Runway and it was utterly impeccable!

I was so impressed by the designs of the Season 7 winner Seth Aaron Henderson, and some looks made by Emilio Sosa were also very fabulous. However, there was this one particular designer who caught my attention from the very beginning. I suddenly found myself cheering for him all the way throughout the competition. His designs are truly modern and edgy which every strong woman would want to wear. I find his aesthetic very chic and contemporary. I don’t know what came over me but I immediately Google-d him right after I finished watching season 7.

His name is Jay Nicolas Sario, 32 years old. From what I found out in, he used to work for Gap, Inc before joining Project Runway. He moved to San Francisco to make a name for himself in the fashion industry. But brace yourselves everyone, he is Filipino!

I sent him a friend request in Facebook, but thinking that he might simply ignore that one, I joined the group Jay Nicolas Sario fan page as well. I also did send him a follower request on Twitter @jaynicolassario.Now before I scare everyone, I just wanna be clear on this: I am not a stalker. I’m just a huge fan! As a fellow Filipino, I cannot believe I haven’t been seeing him on the headlines yet. He is such an inspiration not only to aspiring fashion designers but to the whole country as a matter of fact.

Based on all those research I’ve made, I discovered he’s about to launch his collection very soon. I know he’ll make it big in the fashion industry and I just can’t wait to see more of his creations.

I can feel it in my gut. This guy, he will blow us away! ♥


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