Nothing but his T-shirt on

We all fell in love with Shontelle’s T-shirt song when it started recurring in the Myx Daily Top Ten last year. Some were satisfied enough just singing along, but there were others (including myself) who really did took her advice literally. Even Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson have already joined the club, so why can’t we?

You see, fashion won’t be too fashionable if we are too afraid to experiment, don’t you agree? If you’re running low on ideas, don’t fret because it’s high time you raid your boyfriend’s closet.

It may be a button down shirt or just his plain white pullover. Whatever you find, you can wear it loose and effortless, or maybe spice it up with the right accessories. Don’t worry too much if his Hanes doesn’t fit you well. In fact, be alarmed if it does because it wasn’t designed for you.

Wearing a boyfriend’s shirt is getting quite popular lately. And though it isn’t necessarily wise to follow the trend every now and then, if you can femme it up, you could never go wrong with this season’s hottest hit. It may be a tacky idea for some. But for those who can rock it, congratulations for being a certified fashion forward. Before you know it, you’ll need nothing but his T-shirt on… and maybe a little bit of an atitude.

Just a piece of advice: Be careful girls, we all know our guys don’t like us nosy. But borrowing a shirt or two, who knows? He might even find it sexy! ;)

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