Let’s play Project Runway!

If you’ve read my previous blog entry, you already have an idea of what my life has been about lately.

And just to give you a clearer picture, here’s another thing that’s been keeping me busy:

My brand new pretty baby, Brother BM-2600.

I’ve been mentioning this here a lot how badly I want to become a fashion designer. But since I still need to wait for a few more months before I can enroll myself in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, I’m gonna have to study on my own for a while. You see, I’ve been playing my own version of Project Runway for the past couple of days. After doing some stitching and hemming, here’s what I ended up with. My first skirt

This was my outfit during the grand finals of SM Cinekada. I fell in love at first sight with the fabric! I’m not really into skulls but I found it adorable how the print looks a little rebellious and not too much girly. I received so many kind feedback about this first project I did and right now I am just way beyond ecstatic.

My friends are encouraging me to start a line, and I’m actually considering the idea even though the thought of going into the biz is insanely scary. So, I’m planning to launch a collection, similar design in different prints. Maybe ten to twelve skirts to start off because I want each to be exclusive. Just an idea!

Tell me what you think! <3


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My Bedakada

I know it’s late to blog about our SM Cinekada experience, but after realizing how much it kept me busy for the past several months, I just thought maybe years from now I’ll be needing this blog entry as I reminisce a wonderful journey I shared with my friends.

It all started last summer. Nicole, being our Google Man in the group, was the one who found this particular blog page with a press release on SM Cinema’s online barkada contest. We didn’t think twice about joining, and conceptualizing together was more fun than how we thought it would be. So we brought our props to Mall of Asia, dressed ourselves accordingly, and then it just happened.

If we are friends in Facebook and you received a message (or two) from me bugging you to “like” our photo in SM Cinema fan page, well, that’s it. That’s where our adventure began.

I’m not really good with dates, but if I remember correctly, it was on the second week of July when the Top 20 entries were summoned to MOA Centerstage for an orientation. (Yes guys, we got in! Yay!) For the longest time, we thought it was only going to be an online voting contest, but we were dead wrong. Suddenly everyone’s singing and dancing (!!!) while we were, uhm, suffering from heart attack. We survived, by the way. A knock-knock joke saved our ass.

The next activity for the following week was one of my favorites. We went to Taguig together with the other groups for a book-giving event hosted by SM Foundation. I read a story for the children and we did a very spontaneous game of hep hep huraay. The funny thing was how the kids turned out to be enjoying themselves. Whew! Huraay?

It was a do-or-die moment for Bedakada the week after that. The Top 20 will be trimmed down into 5, and we so don’t wanna go yet. Everyone was required to showcase a talent. Of course, we are well aware that we’re not the best singers or dancers in this competition, hence we had to think of something else. If we really want to stay, we had to learn to do magic. And hey, I meant that literally! So we did. We performed magic tricks for everyone and bagged the best in talent award. Geez, we didn’t see that one coming! Uproarious, right? =))

The supposedly Top 5 barkadas became Top 7, but the group from Davao couldn’t make it so eventually there were six left to compete for the ultimate title. Those six were UBE, Code 99, Black Sheep, S Dolls, Cosmix… and ta-daa! Bedakada! Once again, we survived.

The following weeks were more tedious because all the groups had to prepare a new talent for the grand finals. Each barkada had to shoot for their own audio-visual presentations, and apart from that, we all had to attend rehearsals. Bedakada, together with UBE, also went to Magic 89.9 for a radio guesting which was, by the way, super cool! So that’s how they do it back there. It was craaazyy!!!

After a long wait, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! We did a fashion show, another round of talent portion, and oh, there was a question-and-answer segment too. It was nerve-wrecking, believe me! I needed all the guts I was able to save since I tripped down the stairs a few years back.

At the end of the night, we bagged the 1st runner-up award. Not bad since we never really thought we could actually go that far, remembering how we almost ran home during the orientation. I’m very much proud of what we all did and achieved together. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride, and with them I’d gladly do it all again a thousand times over.

That’s how much I love my Bedakada! :D

*         *        *

I’d like to make the most out of this page to thank everyone who supported Bedakada, most especially to those who really took the effort to go all the way to MOA Centerstage last August 14. You guys are amazing! You made us feel like grand winners! =))

Congratulations to UBE, the first ever Cinekada! Also, congratulations to the very talented Code 99, Black Sheep, S Dolls, and Cosmix. It was really nice meeting all of you guys. Maybe someday we’ll cross paths again!

Lastly, thank you so much SM Cinema for the wonderful opportunity. We will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience! :)

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Her Art of War

Today’s fashion is heading into greater heights. And when I say heights, I mean sharp, pointed, high heels.

In everyday runway, the battle for sexiness never ceased to exist. The weapons may have slightly changed over the years, but it’s still fierce, still deadly, and now hotter than ever.

Do not ever underestimate the power of stilettos if you’re up for war. Arm yourself with the craziest boots or with the prettiest peep-toes you can find. You might also consider forming the best of alliances with Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. In the end, it all boils down on your weapon of choice.

For petite girls like myself, these showstoppers provide me with extra inches to help me flaunt what I got. But for someone who’s already six feet tall, you ask, do you still need a pair of gorgeous pumps? Well, If you can’t resist it darling, who cares, right? Your shoes are not just part of your outfit. Strut it with confidence and it becomes the outfit!

They say there’s a price one has to pay for wearing killer heels as it can literally murder your feet. Here’s what I’ve got to say: Whatever, bitch. If it makes you feel sexy, it’s worth it! ♥


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My blue jeans and I

Last month, I was in a photoshoot for an online clothing store with one of the nicest stylists I know. She’s a fellow Bedan and her line features really beautiful clothes, hence it was very difficult for me to say no. I got to take home several pieces from her collection, and these beauties instantly gave me an idea of what to blog about next. Denim.

Yes, that’s right. I am talking about those old pair of jeans we all can’t live without. I am talking about that skirt every chic girl must have in her closet. I am talking about those mini shorts that may be paired with just about anything. Yes darling, I am talking about denim.

Going back, many were appalled by the death of shoulder pads, but you see, even Audrey Hepburn could not have stopped a trend from turning into a fad. Neon, for example, may have been a favorite yesterday, but unfortunately today it’s already branded as retro. Whether we accept the fact or not, that’s precisely how it goes in the world of fashion. A style will always come and go.

Good news though, my friends. You won’t ever have to bid farewell to your good old Levi’s. It may be high-waisted, low-waisted, skinny or bootleg, in different colors and in different forms. The point is, you can never go wrong with denim. Other trends exit the spotlight as swiftly as it entered. But as for everybody’s favorite closet staple, it never goes out of fashion.

If there exists a social class among garments, I doubt if denim would settle for anything less than royalty. So when it comes to what’s in and what’s not, you don’t have to pretend you’re having second thoughts.

What are you waiting for, trendsetters? Bow down to the queen of vogue!

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Read my lips

Someone once told me that you can pretty much guess a woman’s personality based on the color of her lipstick.

Accordingly, if she’s wearing red, it suggests that she’s wild and aggressive. If her lips are pink, you could tell she’s extremely girly. They say brown hues are for some serious workaholics while black is obviously for those who love gothic. Wearing lip gloss alone is for the girl who’s still on the stage of puberty, and wearing nothing at all is for, uhm, the plain Jane.

If you ask me, I don’t really know about these stereotypes. But I sure am certain of one thing: Whoever said this, she does not understand that a girl needs more than just one color in her makeup box.

I’m not a pro when it comes to applying makeup. I don’t use five different kinds of brushes on my face whenever I sit in front of the mirror to prepare for a date. When choosing the right color of lipstick to wear for a certain occasion, I normally just trust my guts.

But really, why settle for one when you can have all the shades for yourself?

Red lipstick saves me a lot of time when I’m feeling too lazy to even sprinkle blush on my cheeks. It instantly pumps up color on my face. I don’t know if I’m a little biased with the color, but I really think it goes rather too well with any outfit. Just be light on the eye color if you plan to put on any.

Orange and bronzed colors are the best during summer. At least for me, I guess. It’s my ultimate bud as a beach bum, lying around the fine sands of Boracay with a sun-kissed glow. Don’t forget sunscreen, please.

A nude-colored lipstick to me looks very formal and corporate, though it’s actually one of my favorites. The secret, I think, is to have strong eyes to complement the look. Hint: Mascara and eye liner.

You could probably guess that I’m not much into pink. But while I have my doubts whether or not it looks flattering on me, I must admit it’s the safest color when you’re feeling too feminine and you want to achieve the innocent effect.

Whether you’re aiming for a sweet Barbie doll image or for that hot chick look who’s ready to party, the options are just endless. This era is where Mac, Shu Uemura, Nars, Chanel, and many others take the lead in order to paint bursting colors in this fashion crazy world.

It’s time to get those puckers to do the talking! ;)

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