My blue jeans and I

Last month, I was in a photoshoot for an online clothing store with one of the nicest stylists I know. She’s a fellow Bedan and her line features really beautiful clothes, hence it was very difficult for me to say no. I got to take home several pieces from her collection, and these beauties instantly gave me an idea of what to blog about next. Denim.

Yes, that’s right. I am talking about those old pair of jeans we all can’t live without. I am talking about that skirt every chic girl must have in her closet. I am talking about those mini shorts that may be paired with just about anything. Yes darling, I am talking about denim.

Going back, many were appalled by the death of shoulder pads, but you see, even Audrey Hepburn could not have stopped a trend from turning into a fad. Neon, for example, may have been a favorite yesterday, but unfortunately today it’s already branded as retro. Whether we accept the fact or not, that’s precisely how it goes in the world of fashion. A style will always come and go.

Good news though, my friends. You won’t ever have to bid farewell to your good old Levi’s. It may be high-waisted, low-waisted, skinny or bootleg, in different colors and in different forms. The point is, you can never go wrong with denim. Other trends exit the spotlight as swiftly as it entered. But as for everybody’s favorite closet staple, it never goes out of fashion.

If there exists a social class among garments, I doubt if denim would settle for anything less than royalty. So when it comes to what’s in and what’s not, you don’t have to pretend you’re having second thoughts.

What are you waiting for, trendsetters? Bow down to the queen of vogue!

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