My Bedakada

I know it’s late to blog about our SM Cinekada experience, but after realizing how much it kept me busy for the past several months, I just thought maybe years from now I’ll be needing this blog entry as I reminisce a wonderful journey I shared with my friends.

It all started last summer. Nicole, being our Google Man in the group, was the one who found this particular blog page with a press release on SM Cinema’s online barkada contest. We didn’t think twice about joining, and conceptualizing together was more fun than how we thought it would be. So we brought our props to Mall of Asia, dressed ourselves accordingly, and then it just happened.

If we are friends in Facebook and you received a message (or two) from me bugging you to “like” our photo in SM Cinema fan page, well, that’s it. That’s where our adventure began.

I’m not really good with dates, but if I remember correctly, it was on the second week of July when the Top 20 entries were summoned to MOA Centerstage for an orientation. (Yes guys, we got in! Yay!) For the longest time, we thought it was only going to be an online voting contest, but we were dead wrong. Suddenly everyone’s singing and dancing (!!!) while we were, uhm, suffering from heart attack. We survived, by the way. A knock-knock joke saved our ass.

The next activity for the following week was one of my favorites. We went to Taguig together with the other groups for a book-giving event hosted by SM Foundation. I read a story for the children and we did a very spontaneous game of hep hep huraay. The funny thing was how the kids turned out to be enjoying themselves. Whew! Huraay?

It was a do-or-die moment for Bedakada the week after that. The Top 20 will be trimmed down into 5, and we so don’t wanna go yet. Everyone was required to showcase a talent. Of course, we are well aware that we’re not the best singers or dancers in this competition, hence we had to think of something else. If we really want to stay, we had to learn to do magic. And hey, I meant that literally! So we did. We performed magic tricks for everyone and bagged the best in talent award. Geez, we didn’t see that one coming! Uproarious, right? =))

The supposedly Top 5 barkadas became Top 7, but the group from Davao couldn’t make it so eventually there were six left to compete for the ultimate title. Those six were UBE, Code 99, Black Sheep, S Dolls, Cosmix… and ta-daa! Bedakada! Once again, we survived.

The following weeks were more tedious because all the groups had to prepare a new talent for the grand finals. Each barkada had to shoot for their own audio-visual presentations, and apart from that, we all had to attend rehearsals. Bedakada, together with UBE, also went to Magic 89.9 for a radio guesting which was, by the way, super cool! So that’s how they do it back there. It was craaazyy!!!

After a long wait, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! We did a fashion show, another round of talent portion, and oh, there was a question-and-answer segment too. It was nerve-wrecking, believe me! I needed all the guts I was able to save since I tripped down the stairs a few years back.

At the end of the night, we bagged the 1st runner-up award. Not bad since we never really thought we could actually go that far, remembering how we almost ran home during the orientation. I’m very much proud of what we all did and achieved together. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride, and with them I’d gladly do it all again a thousand times over.

That’s how much I love my Bedakada! :D

*         *        *

I’d like to make the most out of this page to thank everyone who supported Bedakada, most especially to those who really took the effort to go all the way to MOA Centerstage last August 14. You guys are amazing! You made us feel like grand winners! =))

Congratulations to UBE, the first ever Cinekada! Also, congratulations to the very talented Code 99, Black Sheep, S Dolls, and Cosmix. It was really nice meeting all of you guys. Maybe someday we’ll cross paths again!

Lastly, thank you so much SM Cinema for the wonderful opportunity. We will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience! :)

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  1. I like this very much! lol! :)

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