Ready, set, HYPE!

Whenever I’m in dire need to feed my fashion consciousness, I could only think of one place to go to. Or in this case, one website to log into. Thank goodness for, now real fashion from real people is just one click away.

I didn’t realize I haven’t been able to go online for so long until after I logged in to my lookbook account and discovered this pretty little surprise from the website that never goes out of style. Never have I thought this could happen anytime soon. But since it did, I’m only happy to share this good news to all the trendsetters around the globe: Lookbook is now an open community!

For a website that’s been very exclusive for years, I’m not the only one left shocked when I learned that our beloved is not anymore an invite-only zone. I did some research and realized how many backlashes it received for the big step it took just recently.

Since this is my page, I’m entitled to my own opinion too, isn’t that so? Well, here’s what I think:

Fashion is everywhere. You can find it while crossing the street, or simply by watching TV. It’s not limited because it’s not supposed to be. It is, in fact, one manifestation of freedom. Fashion is a means of expression, and everybody’s got something to say.

We all have a place in this crazy beautiful world. So take yours, and create an account today. ♥


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