Tough girls wear pants

Do you know that during the medieval period women were not allowed to wear pants?

I was browsing my photos in then I happen to realize one strange understanding about my very own fashion sense. I’m a great big fan of blue jeans, denim shorts, and everything that allows me to run without having to worry that my butt would show off. So really, thank goodness we’re already in the 21st century!

Okay, before I continue, do not get me wrong. I do love skirts! I think nothing can make a woman feel prettier than ruffled chiffon or feather-light silk flowing around her legs. Wearing a skirt can make even a little girl feel as if she’s walking on a runway. It’s dreamy, I get that.

But still, you do not always want to look cute, do you? It’s not everyday that you wish to look like a princess. Because sometimes, you just have to look like… a rockstar, yes. Sometimes you also want to look like somebody who doesn’t need to be rescued by a prince charming.

You don’t have to settle for the role of Plain Jane. Wearing your old Levi’s can be as stylish as wearing your favorite cocktail dress. Ditch the sneakers and try it with a pair of stilettos, or you may also accessorize with a belt, a brooch, or perhaps lots of jewelries- be fearless! And oh, you don’t have to limit yourself with denim. There are way too many colors, patterns and fabrics to experiment on. If you explore the possibilities, then your wonder pants may just bring you to the ends of the earth.

Go ahead and tell the world: You’re a woman, alright. But you can also kick some ass! ;)

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