The last chapter

I have no idea why, but I have always been fond of fairytales. No matter how old I become every single year, a part of me that’s completely engrossed with castles, prince charming and the idea of true love will forever stay a little girl.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Mulan (but hey, that’s why there’s Google). She is one particular Disney character I became obsessed with since the first time I knew her story. Growing up, she’s been my childhood heroine. Mulan was brave, strong, and driven. She followed her heart and didn’t care about what other people might say. She took control of her own life and changed her destiny. I always wished to be like her, even tried to be like her at times.

Unfortunately, I became nothing like Mulan.

I was actually a bit like Cinderella, always doing what she’s been told, living to please other people. I was as helpless as Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty who’s willing to wait forever for true love’s kiss to break her curse. And yeah, perhaps I was a bit of Snow White, the part of her that was easily deceived and, most often than not, naïve.

And you know, I’ve always thought it’s unfair. Because they’re all princesses, and I’m not. I only get to take after the same weakness, but never the same strength. Cinderella has her glass slippers, Sleeping Beauty has her fairy godmothers, and Snow White has her seven dwarfs. And ugh, let’s not forget that she’s the fairest of them all!

But then again, I try to console myself by saying that there is no such thing as a perfect story. We all live in our own fairytales, and as the heroes of our own story books, every once in a while there are villains who we come across with- ogres who scare us from living our lives to the fullest, dragons who won’t stop until we’ve turned into ashes, and wicked witches who are, uhm, bitches.

Every once in a while too, we have to realize that not all fairytales involve magic wands and flying carpets. Because sometimes, a kiss, a hug, or even a simple ‘I love you’, will be enough to break a curse. Some genies don’t need to come from bottles. Some only need to care. And if you don’t come across your knight-in-shining-armor, well, you need to be strong enough to save your own ass.

For some reason, in fiction, the last chapter always provides us with the same ending. But ultimately, in real life, there are two possibilities. While some stories end happily ever after, there are also some stories… that simply end.


2 comments on “The last chapter

  1. Yo mama so fat says:

    Heeeey what’s wrong. :|

  2. omg marj, I so can relate with you. :|

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