Anawangin and my fashion frustration

This blog entry will be short and sweet. Just a quick recap on the weekend I spent in Anawangin to celebrate my friend Aaron‘s 21st birthday.

Prior to the trip, I was already given the heads-up about our would-be adventure a.k.a “Survivor” challenge.  I was told that we won’t have the chance to use our mobile phones to send SMS, nor the luck to experience modern civilization and access the internet, not even the luxury to utilize a decent bathroom.  In short, I was warned, yes. (And I agreed to all that so, FYI, I have no plans to sue my friends for kidnapping.)

When we got there, the first thing I noticed was the spectacular view from the beach. The second thing was… (WTH, they were right!) there’s no freaking electricity.

It was fun to break away from the real world for a while. We set up tents where we slept overnight, cooked our meals the old-fashioned “ihaw-ihaw” style, and hey, there was bonfire too! It was the perfect camping trip until the birthday boy announced he forgot the marshmallows. Great. And so that’s how I bid my girl scout dreams goodbye.

Because I had to heed a lot of warnings before the trip, I decided not to bring my whole closet with me- only a few of my trusty shirts,  comfy shorts, and of course, my ever-reliable Havaianas. It wasn’t a place for fancy dresses and killer heels. Hence, for a weekend, please excuse me and my fashion frustration.

Photos by Khriselda Guarin and Karen Villamucho