Learn from the Upper East Side

When it’s not Chuck Bass I’m drooling for, then it’s most certainly for Blair Waldorf’s closet.

On its fourth season, Gossip Girl fans of all ages (and sexes) remain to be untamed when it comes to the scandalous lives of the most beloved Manhattan elite. You know you’re one of them, and you know exactly why you love it.

Actually, there are way too many obvious reasons. But to keep myself from writing a novel here, I’d just mention one thing that it is most known for. Fashion.

Queen B

Blair Waldorf was not referred to as a queen for no reason. For one, this “evil dictator of taste” has a royal wardrobe.  Queen B has indeed lived up to her role as a sought-after fashion designer’s daughter, with her closet oozing with high end runway-worthy ensembles from only the biggest names in the industry of vogue. Try Chanel and Givenchy, and figure out yourself why Her Highness catches a Bass like no other.

S for Socialite

Whoever said that blondes have more fun has definitely heard of the name Serena van der Woodsen. And apparently, blondes get more out of fashion, too. Our favorite it-girl knows how to carry herself from winter to spring, rocking whatever label that she might be caught wearing (and that includes Archibald’s shirt).  No matter how many scandals she gets herself into, admit it, you’ll never meet anyone as paparazzi-ready as this blondie. Even Karl Lagerfeld knows so.

Little J

If we’re going to discuss fashion evolution, then Little J may not be so little anymore. Going back to her summer floral vibes to her rock star palette, from lip gloss to plum lipstick, from no-makeup look to intense eyeliner obsession, Taylor Momsen stays true to her character as the social-climbing wannabe, Jenny Humphrey. Love her or hate her. But here’s a fact- this Pretty Reckless has her own pretty style to brag about.

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

–Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

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Pardon me, but this might be as Upper East Side as I can get. ;)

Photos by: Mark Clemente


The new Trend I’m loving!

Actually, it’s not so new…

I am referring to the online clothing store owned and managed by my stylist friend, Gienah Soriano. I agreed to model for Love Trend‘s 15th collection that was launched last week, and as usual, I was blown away by every ensemble. I wanted to take home everything… But hey, don’t tell her I said that. (Geez, how unprofessional of me!) *evil laugh*

These are two of the photos from the collection.

Photo by: Niki Albert Tarucan ; Styled by: Gienah Soriano

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