1-2-3 Pose!

“Posing in front of a DSLR camera does not make you a model.”

Being the tweetwhore that I am, I came across this statement by chance while browsing my Twitter timeline the other day. The moment was so random that I can’t even recall whose tweet it was. And do you know what else I discovered? There is a fan page for this too. And there’s another one! “Owning a DSLR camera does not make you a photographer.”

Not that I personally felt that the verbal attacks were directed towards me, mind you. But since this is my page where I’m entitled to my own opinion, let me say that I personally thought it was a low blow.

On photography.

I am saddened that there are people who have that kind of attitude towards the booming photography industry. Do you remember those days back when films had to be processed inside a darkroom in order to develop photographs? Because I certainly do. That’s a lot of work, if I may remind you, and way expensive. I know a little bit about this because I once represented my school for a photojournalism competition when I was in sixth grade, and I had to ask money from my parents for two rolls of film, a hundred for each. And do you know how much a hundred-peso bill can buy during those days? Two happy meals from McDonald’s! And I didn’t include the cost for developing photos yet.

How about those days when cellphones with cameras cost a fortune? Those days when we needed a scanner to be able to upload a primary photo in Friendster? Those days when we had to go to a portrait studio for that 3-click Kodak moment? Ooh, I sure do remember all that!

Point is, thank God for the digital era!

Now is certainly not the time to bash each other who dares to enter the photography industry. If everyone can afford a DSLR, then by all means, let them shoot 24/7! Those who are truly talented are never threatened, perhaps merely challenged but in a positive way. Just because you were ahead two steps doesn’t mean everybody will be stuck behind you forever. It won’t boost your ego if you stomp on others’ feet. Rather than discouraging photography enthusiasts, motivating would be more appreciated. So if you can’t lend a helping hand, a zipped mouth will do.

On modeling.

First of all, let us define what a model is. A model is someone who endorses a specific product, or place, or whatever. He/she appears in tv commercials, in print ads, or in the runway for fashion shows. In short, modeling, for these people, is their bread and butter. This is how they make a living. And yes, a studio picture shot by a DSLR camera will not make anyone a model (unless there’s a modeling agency named DSLR camera.)

Like any other girl, I grew up adoring their flawless skin, their fashionably chic clothes, even their gorgeous smiles every single time I gaze upon their picture perfect faces in magazines and billboards. So, here’s what I have to say: A girl can dream, alright?

What is so bad about posing with hands on the hips in front of a DSLR camera? Is it so much different from posing with a Korean “peace sign” in front of a pixelated mobile phone? And please, can we not pretend that we do not have our own fair share of vanity? I mean, a framed photo may be so 2000 and late, but nowadays, what we all want is a decent Twitter avatar and a charming Facebook profile picture.

The photos below were taken a long time ago, and were shot using a Sony Cybershot digital camera (not DSLR). Am I posing like a model? Maybe. Does this make me a model? No. But should I care? No. And you shouldn’t, too. Narcissism may not be your cup of tea, but spare Tyra Banks’ fans who naturally love to “smize” and pout in front of the camera. Let us respect democracy, shall we?

And hey, you, yes, you! You may not be a model, but keep in mind that you have every goddamn right to pose like one- DSLR or no DSLR!

photo by Mark Clemente


10 comments on “1-2-3 Pose!

  1. anony mouse says:

    two happy meals back then cost 4 french fries right now hehe

  2. AiR says:

    Very well said, I totally agree with you here! :)

  3. anina plenos says:

    you are so right! people are just so judgmental these days. i adore you so much! keep it up! :D

    • Marj Ramos says:

      You are too sweet! Thanks for reading, Anina! It’s always overwhelming when people appreciate what you do. <3

  4. Great blog, great entry!:)


  5. Tamara says:

    Hahah I love this post! Well put!


  6. frances says:

    nice! I know! seriously it doesn’t matter what people say, just do what you want to do!

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