MODel for a day

Wednesday, 27th of April 2011. I only had 2 hours of sleep and just a cup of coffee for breakfast.

But it was utterly worth it.

I was lucky enough to be invited for a photo shoot for MOD magazine, and I am still bedazzled as I write this down for it is going to be my first time on print! (I also appeared on the magazine during the cover girl search, but that’s a whole different story.) This time my photos will be used for an actual features article, hence my excitement and ecstasy.

We were told that we cannot post photos or any pertinent information about the photo shoot before it is published. It is so not like me to stick a tape across my mouth, but sadly I’d have to wait until June to spill the beans.

These photos at least I’m allowed to post:

"It's a wrap!" Here's a photo with the makeup artists, and that girl on my left is the sweet Bianca Sasamori who did the photoshoot with me.

The photos were taken by Mark Clemente. Headed to Greenhills Promenade with my boyfriend Mark and little Chico after the shoot.

Showed up at the studio wearing a jersey cotton dress and Forever 21 loafer boots, with a mini Victoria's Secret handbag.

Hype this on!

Again, it will be for MOD magazine’s June 2011 issue. Nothing grand, perhaps just a small portion- I really don’t know yet either. But promise me to grab a copy, please? :)


2 comments on “MODel for a day

  1. roxanne says:

    i will! :) miss u marj!

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