Marj ♥ Avenue Top

Since it’s been super hectic lately, I haven’t found the chance to update my blog for the past few weeks. And finally, after forty nine years (of course, I’m just exaggerating), I am now back online! Yay!

First of all, I want to thank Kayra of Avenue Top for sending me gorgeous pairs of earrings last week. I am not talking about ordinary accessories here. I am referring to fabulous, truly fashion forward feather earrings! I fell in love the moment I saw them, and Kayra designed everything herself which makes it double impressive!

I wore it last Sunday for my Kung Fu Panda 2 date. The weather lately has been extremely bipolar and I had to find something from my wardrobe that’s gonna keep me from turning into a rainy day fashion victim. My ever reliable cashmere sweatshirt totally nailed it, and though it might seem like a lazy Sunday outfit, my feather earrings from Avenue Top and the cutie patootie robot ring which was a gift from Mark impeccably boosted my effortless attire. Seriously, what will the mighty fashion industry do without the power of accessories? Ah!

Anyway, below are the photos. And while you’re at it, do hype on as well! :)

cashmere sweatshirt (Forever21) | sequined shorts (People are People) | black chained bag | studded ring (Forever21) | vintage robot ring | feather earrings (Avenue Top) | wedges (Shoebox)


P.S. I just noticed that I already got past a thousand followers in! I am short and skinny and not exactly modelesque, but endless thank you to each and everyone who clicked on that “Fan+” button. *hugs and flying kisses* <3 <3


I’m a Candy Girl!

Candy Magazine has been my style bible growing up. I referred to its much-loved pages for as long as I can remember. It literally served as my survival guide all throughout my teenybopper days- what to wear to prom, how to impress my high school crush, where to spend my summer vacation, how to eliminate my unwanted zits… Point is, Candy saved my ass as I tried to beat the challenges of going under puberty.

I know I might already be past my teenage years, but this week I happen to be’s It Girl On The Web. (Yay!) Awesome is an understatement. I am seeing sparks everywhere. *overmwhelmed forever* 0_o


Btw, 9 out of 10 photos that I submitted were shot by Mark Clemente. He’s my favorite photographer for the obvious reason- he’s a genius! ♥

Read full article here!

Food Diary: Chili’s, Pepper Lunch, Peri-Peri Grill House

During the past few days, I am feeling somewhat lazy to dress up (or have my picture taken). To be honest, my fashion sense lately is a bit uninspired and disoriented that broadcasting a photo or two may lead to public humiliation. Hey, no judging! Don’t tell me you’ve never seen Hollywood celebrities in loafers and sweatpants caught by the paparazzi. Every girl owns her fair share of bad hair days, you know.

*Sigh* I actually did try to gather my thoughts and construct a decent fashion blog entry but to no avail. And since I’m too frustrated today to talk about all that glitters, I’d rather shift my attention to the only thing I can think of as of the moment. Food.

I thought I’d create a “food diary” of the restaurants I’ve been to the past couple of days. For today’s blog entry, I’ll enumerate my top 3.

(photos by Marj Ramos, except for bottom right photo by Mark Clemente)

I’d compare their menu to Friday’s, but I say go to Chili’s because I prefer the latter. The food is a bit more pricey, but servings are bigger so you get what you’re paying for. Their southwestern eggrolls- MUST TRY!

(photos by Marj Ramos)

Japanese food is not my area of expertise, as it is not my favorite as well. I am not a fan of anything raw so I don’t really appreciate sashimi and sushi and other Japanese cuisine. But, here’s a but: Pepper Lunch is an exception. A huge one! Recommendations: Any pepper rice from their menu and the chicken sesame salad.

(photos by Marj Ramos)

My boyfriend was the one who introduced me to Peri-Peri chicken. And accordingly, here’s how you eat it: 1.Slice a bite-sized chicken and place it on your tortilla wrap, 2. Scoop your desired amount of diced tomato and mix it in with the chicken, 3. Pour gravy on it, 4. Wrap it up and it’s ready to eat! It sounds fun, but it tastes equally amazing as well.

So, there! I guess that’s all for now. I almost forgot how much fun food blogging  can be. I think I should try to do this more often. What do you think? :)


Okay. So I just named my latest look after a Katy Perry song.

Boy, you’re an alien
Your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural

I’m giving Katy Perry the credits after my suffering from LSS the past few days. I always pay attention to the lyrics whenever I listen to songs, and she never fails to amuse me. I find her music very creative and engaging.

You may or may not agree.

Anyhow, please hype! :)

Wanted: Dream Job

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

All of us had to answer this billion-dollar question when we were in kindergarten. Back then, at the age of five, the most popular answer would’ve been a doctor. Others would say policeman, or lawyer, or singer. I even had a classmate who said she wanted to become a princess. (No, I didn’t go to school with Kate Middleton.) And I, for one, had my own impressive answer. I wanted to become a nun, and my teacher thought I was so cute and God-fearing because of that. God-fearing, yes, though that wasn’t the case. Truth is, I really liked their headdress.

When I grew up, I did not end up in a convent (otherwise I wouldn’t be here blogging, right?). Somewhere down the road, I ended up taking Economics and Public Policy. But with all due respect to Adam Smith and the principles of demand and supply, what I actually yearn for is to build a career out of the things I love the most- fashion and journalism.

So, you might ask, why didn’t I just take fashion design or journalism course instead? Answer: If you were a small town girl like myself who was fortunate enough to be in the Metro for college, you’d probably opt for the more practical choices that would land you on a sure job. And this is not me justifying, mind you. My years in San Beda are blissfully unforgettable and my Benedictine values will forever be embossed upon my soul.

But then again, it’s never too late to be the person you could have been from the start. It’s never too late to chase after what you once missed. Somewhere out there I know my dream job is waiting for me.

Meanwhile, a girl’s gotta pay the bills! ;)

*     *     *

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