Marj ♥ Avenue Top

Since it’s been super hectic lately, I haven’t found the chance to update my blog for the past few weeks. And finally, after forty nine years (of course, I’m just exaggerating), I am now back online! Yay!

First of all, I want to thank Kayra of Avenue Top for sending me gorgeous pairs of earrings last week. I am not talking about ordinary accessories here. I am referring to fabulous, truly fashion forward feather earrings! I fell in love the moment I saw them, and Kayra designed everything herself which makes it double impressive!

I wore it last Sunday for my Kung Fu Panda 2 date. The weather lately has been extremely bipolar and I had to find something from my wardrobe that’s gonna keep me from turning into a rainy day fashion victim. My ever reliable cashmere sweatshirt totally nailed it, and though it might seem like a lazy Sunday outfit, my feather earrings from Avenue Top and the cutie patootie robot ring which was a gift from Mark impeccably boosted my effortless attire. Seriously, what will the mighty fashion industry do without the power of accessories? Ah!

Anyway, below are the photos. And while you’re at it, do hype on as well! :)

cashmere sweatshirt (Forever21) | sequined shorts (People are People) | black chained bag | studded ring (Forever21) | vintage robot ring | feather earrings (Avenue Top) | wedges (Shoebox)


P.S. I just noticed that I already got past a thousand followers in! I am short and skinny and not exactly modelesque, but endless thank you to each and everyone who clicked on that “Fan+” button. *hugs and flying kisses* <3 <3


5 comments on “Marj ♥ Avenue Top

  1. Amy says:

    Love this outfit!! And the jewelry is magnificent!!

  2. Gorgeous outfit…lovely pics!

  3. Such a great look on you, congrats on passing the 1000 fan mark on lookbook!

    • Marj Ramos says:

      Hi Jessica. Thank you! It’s completely overwhelming to have all those people to follow me on Lookbook! <3

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