Color me pretty!

Roughly a month ago, I placed an order online with my officemates for hot, killer heels. We had to wait around three weeks for the whole manufacturing, which was a bit frustrating for me as patience is not my virtue. Since we are talking about shoes here, I guess you can pretty much tell how excited I was. Very.

When I finally got my hands on my orders, mind you, it was ecstasy. And as I opened the first box, I knew exactly what I would wear it for- COLOR BLOCKING. <3

This is my first attempt on color blocking, so no judging, haha! I also learned a few things which might work for you, too.

Just a few points to ponder on:

Plains and no prints. Ditch your favorite floral and animal prints for a while. You do not want the embroideries or the designs to steal away the spotlight because it is your palette’s time to shine. Instead, focus on the colors.

Look on the bright side. Choose bold colors! You want to make a loud statement, not a faint whimper. If you are going to try color blocking, then go for it all the way. The brighter, the better. Who said summer’s over? It’s not over until you say so.

Mix and match. Remember in kindergarten how our teachers taught us about the primary and secondary colors? Can you recall how the color wheel worked and how there were specific shades that supposedly look good together? Well, that is a pain in the ass, so you can forget about that. You can use all shades if possible. Do not be afraid to splash one color with another. This is your style, and only your rules apply.

bright yellow platform pumps (Alice Viterbo) | canvas bag (Louis Vuitton) | green cotton shorts | blazer (Plains & Prints) | plain tee (Folded & Hung) | slim woven belt | seashell necklace (Yhansy) | floral ring (Forever 21) | bangles
The seashell necklace I bought from Yhansy.

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Alice Viterbo shoes. <3″

 Order one for yourself by clicking here.

Photography by Mark Clemente

HYPE this look on! :)


Marj ♥ Yhansy Manila

I came across Yhansy not by accident. I deliberately searched all over Shangri-La Plaza in quest for this fancy little store oozing with cute and quirky stuff. I first read about it from a blog entry and from then on I told myself, “I must find this place!” And so I did.

Yhansy is located on the 5th floor of Shangri-La Plaza. It may be a little easy to miss because it’s in between many other stores, but take note: YOU MUST NOT! (It’s essential that I write that in all caps, believe me.)

I asked the saleslady if I could take photos inside the store for my blog and I practically had to break into tears and beg her so that she doesn’t refuse… Just kidding! She was nice, that’s all. Hihi! <3

Anyhow, here are some of the photos that I took:

They have a pretty wide selection of rings, price ranging from as low as Php100(!!!) to Php500.

Awesome necklaces. ♥ Price range: Php200-600.

I fell in love with this in an instant! I got this fab necklace overloading with seashells, but the best part was that I didn't have to pay a dime for it because Mark bought this for me. Ho ho ho, I'm a happy girlfriend! <3

Be sure to pay them a visit. And oh, you can also add them on Facebook! Click here. :)