New widgets for Objet d’ art!

I spent the whole day at home due to the tropical storm Juaning. I was supposed to go to Eastwood today and process my clearance (yes, you read it correctly), but to no avail. My alarm clock was powerless against my very comfortable bed in this cold and blame-the-rain-why-I-am-feeling-lazy kind of weather.

Anyhow, to make myself feel somewhat productive, I thought of creating new widgets for my blog. One each for my Twitter, Bloglovin, Lookbook, Tumblr and Facebook account. I had second thoughts about doing one for my Facebook since I seldom approve friend requests from people I don’t personally know. I’m still a huge fan of keeping my network private, but I guess I somehow enjoyed playing with Photoshop so I ended up making one for Facebook anyway. Ha ha!

I’m still arguing with myself whether or not I should bother creating widgets for Chictopia and Multiply. I used to love Multiply to bits and pieces but after the rise of mighty Facebook everyone seemed to have forgotten that it existed. How sad indeed. As for Chictopia, I remember signing up long time ago though I haven’t really posted ANYTHING. I’m wondering if I should start now. Maybe then I’ll add a widget.

Going back to my cute little widgets, I am not very much computer literate. It was an excruciating phase of trial-and-error before I finally made them work on my side bar. Actually, I would like to congratulate myself for not accidentally deactivating this WordPress account. LOL. Notice the sarcasm because I am so caught up in ancient history! Why did I never pay attention to computer class?

I had this idea of cropping some of my rather fashion-oriented photos. Not worrying too much about which photos to choose, I just allowed myself to browse away and drag whichever felt right. I found a cool feature in Photoshop that’s called color filter (or was that photo filter?). Anyhow, I decided to try a different color for each widget.

My newly-created widgets can also be found on the side bar. Don’t forget to click and follow! And do let me know what you think. <3


A monochromatic yesterday

My cousin Jhaira invited us to watch TV5’s Wiltime Bigtime last Saturday. I went with my boyfriend Mark and my sister Micah. It felt really awkward everytime the camera would shift towards our direction. Plus, we had to wear this huge Cherry Mobile tshirt! It was fun actually. Until now, I’m still not over the LSS phase because of the show’s “tantaran chut-churut-churut” theme song, though sadly, I wasn’t able to do the dance properly. Ha ha ha!

sweater (Forever 21) | sheer tank top (Forever 21) | denim shorts (Folded & Hung) | necklace (Quirkypedia) | cross connector ring (Forever 21) | wedges (Shoebox) | chained bag (WWW)

Hype this on!

The photos are from last Saturday. My sister was in a hurry which was why I opted for red lippies to add instant color to my pale face. She also told me NOT to overdress so I grabbed the first tank top I could find in my closet. I went for black denim shorts, then covered up with grey cashmere sweater since it was raining (and because I didn’t want to look too gothic). And of course, my favorite wedges! It looks simple yet chic, and it’s actually super comfy.

Confession: I tend to over-accessorize. I know they say “less is more,” but sometimes I just can’t help it. The necklace I’m wearing is from Quirkypedia, one of my favorites because it has lots of crosses in it and in different layers. I am a fan of complicated-slash-crazy-in-a-good-way accessories. In this look I also wore my cross connector ring. (Right, I’m so full of crosses you’d think I’m being exorcised.) To minimize the dark aura, I chose a silver chained bag.

I tried to go monochromatic this time because I noticed my current obsession for bright colors. I’m starting to feel redundant.

Below are the photos of me and my cutie patootie sister Micah. She doesn’t own a lookbook account but she wants a new profile photo for her Facebook. I don’t judge her for that because that still doesn’t make her half as vain as I am. Haha, love you sis! <3

The photos were taken by Mark Clemente. <3

Wild Child

Before anyone jumps into their own conclusions, I’ll go ahead and explain my chosen title. My inspiration for this look has got something to do with the wilderness. Read: Feathers, floral and animal prints. Nothing about smoking pot or partying all night because I’m a vice-free citizen like that. (Hi mom, good girl here!)

floral top (H&M) | wide-leg trousers (from Hong Kong) | chained bag (Tonic) | leopard printed pumps (Alice Viterbo) | vintage ring (Piazza bazaar) | feather earrings (H&M) | bangles

I bought these wide-leg trousers from a random stall at Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong, and I got it for a lovely bargain- only 80 HKD. Mark told me it looks very Dothraki, which pleased me in all ways for I am currently drooling over the Game of Thrones fashion. I find medieval style very classy, and this particular trousers simply put me in awe. It kind of resembles what Daenerys Targaryen was wearing after she became the khaleesi. Conventional yet stylish. Plus, I love the way it moves with the wind when I walk.

The floral top brought a bit of spring to my look while the leopard printed pumps  (somehow) sought to preserve my trousers’ autumn vibe. As for the feather earrings, I’m guessing this will be overused. Instant color booster, don’t you think? Oh, and I don’t know if you noticed the chains. It may seem like I’m going to butcher someone with it, but it looked rather well with the whole ensemble when I was trying it on. A bit of gladiator won’t hurt, I guess.

Mark did a very quick shoot on me since we were rushing for Harry Potter. We didn’t want to be left with only the rejected seats to choose from. And I have really poor eyesight, you know. Anyhow, here are the rest of the photos. Hype on while you’re at it! :)

P.S. Thank you Harry Potter for playing a big role in my childhood.

You will always be remembered. <3

The happiest place on earth

I have so much love in my heart for princesses and prince charmings and all whatnots that we can find in the children’s story books. I grew up secretly believing that mermaids do exist and that someday I’ll have my own three wishes granted by a fairy godmother. Going to Disneyland is like witnessing all those fairytales come to life, getting your picture taken with the world famous Mickey Mouse and dining at the Royal Banquet where Cinderella once danced in her glass slippers. It was totally, amazingly blissful!

Welcome to "The Happiest Place on Earth!"

Our tickets! Cute. ^^

I saw Tarzan, Timon and Pumbaa, Mulan, Beauty and The Beast, and many more! Yiiii! 0_o

"The Golden Mickey's"

MTR to Disneyland

Mickey Mouse cookies

Mickey Mouse ice cream

Mickey Mouse waffle

And there's the real Mickey Mouse with the fake Minnie Mouse, hi hi hi! <3

Disneyland's closing fireworks

Disneyland is not just a place for kids, but for all kids at heart. The fireworks were magical and surreal that it brought us to “a whole new world” indeed.

Definitely the happiest place on earth. No questions asked. ♥

Hong Kong 07.2011

Ni hao! ♥

Just got back in Manila. Went away for a few days for a much-needed vacation, but I caught a cold and ended up spending around a hundred Hong Kong dollars for Chinese medicine. It was effective though, no more runny nose on our third day at HK- just in time for Disneyland!

My body is still sore from the long travel. Jet lag, they call it?  So I guess I’ll just shorten this blog entry with a bunch of photos.

The spectacular view from Avenue of Stars.

Day 2 at Hong Kong. Floral romper (People are People) | Flats (Happy Feet) | Scarf (Her Bench) | Gray beanie | Rose ring (Forever 21)


Stopping by for lunch at Cafe de Coral. They have the yummiest beverages!

Mark's birthday muffin! Have I mentioned that it was his birthday? 0_o

Our Hong Kong experience won't be complete without dimsum! <3

Care for a cup of tea, anyone?

…and some more photos. Because Hong Kong is also home of the biggest pillars of the fashion industry, even famous shopping streets like Ladies Market and Temple Street. I hear retail therapy is as effective as their Chinese medicine. ;)

HK Disneyland will be posted soon! :)