Hong Kong 07.2011

Ni hao! ♥

Just got back in Manila. Went away for a few days for a much-needed vacation, but I caught a cold and ended up spending around a hundred Hong Kong dollars for Chinese medicine. It was effective though, no more runny nose on our third day at HK- just in time for Disneyland!

My body is still sore from the long travel. Jet lag, they call it?  So I guess I’ll just shorten this blog entry with a bunch of photos.

The spectacular view from Avenue of Stars.

Day 2 at Hong Kong. Floral romper (People are People) | Flats (Happy Feet) | Scarf (Her Bench) | Gray beanie | Rose ring (Forever 21)


Stopping by for lunch at Cafe de Coral. They have the yummiest beverages!

Mark's birthday muffin! Have I mentioned that it was his birthday? 0_o

Our Hong Kong experience won't be complete without dimsum! <3

Care for a cup of tea, anyone?

…and some more photos. Because Hong Kong is also home of the biggest pillars of the fashion industry, even famous shopping streets like Ladies Market and Temple Street. I hear retail therapy is as effective as their Chinese medicine. ;)

HK Disneyland will be posted soon! :)


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