Wild Child

Before anyone jumps into their own conclusions, I’ll go ahead and explain my chosen title. My inspiration for this look has got something to do with the wilderness. Read: Feathers, floral and animal prints. Nothing about smoking pot or partying all night because I’m a vice-free citizen like that. (Hi mom, good girl here!)

floral top (H&M) | wide-leg trousers (from Hong Kong) | chained bag (Tonic) | leopard printed pumps (Alice Viterbo) | vintage ring (Piazza bazaar) | feather earrings (H&M) | bangles

I bought these wide-leg trousers from a random stall at Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong, and I got it for a lovely bargain- only 80 HKD. Mark told me it looks very Dothraki, which pleased me in all ways for I am currently drooling over the Game of Thrones fashion. I find medieval style very classy, and this particular trousers simply put me in awe. It kind of resembles what Daenerys Targaryen was wearing after she became the khaleesi. Conventional yet stylish. Plus, I love the way it moves with the wind when I walk.

The floral top brought a bit of spring to my look while the leopard printed pumps  (somehow) sought to preserve my trousers’ autumn vibe. As for the feather earrings, I’m guessing this will be overused. Instant color booster, don’t you think? Oh, and I don’t know if you noticed the chains. It may seem like I’m going to butcher someone with it, but it looked rather well with the whole ensemble when I was trying it on. A bit of gladiator won’t hurt, I guess.

Mark did a very quick shoot on me since we were rushing for Harry Potter. We didn’t want to be left with only the rejected seats to choose from. And I have really poor eyesight, you know. Anyhow, here are the rest of the photos. Hype on Lookbook.nu while you’re at it! :)

P.S. Thank you Harry Potter for playing a big role in my childhood.

You will always be remembered. <3


2 comments on “Wild Child

  1. daphne says:

    hi, marj! fabulous blog you got here!

    p.s. harry potter will be sorely missed :(

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