New widgets for Objet d’ art!

I spent the whole day at home due to the tropical storm Juaning. I was supposed to go to Eastwood today and process my clearance (yes, you read it correctly), but to no avail. My alarm clock was powerless against my very comfortable bed in this cold and blame-the-rain-why-I-am-feeling-lazy kind of weather.

Anyhow, to make myself feel somewhat productive, I thought of creating new widgets for my blog. One each for my Twitter, Bloglovin, Lookbook, Tumblr and Facebook account. I had second thoughts about doing one for my Facebook since I seldom approve friend requests from people I don’t personally know. I’m still a huge fan of keeping my network private, but I guess I somehow enjoyed playing with Photoshop so I ended up making one for Facebook anyway. Ha ha!

I’m still arguing with myself whether or not I should bother creating widgets for Chictopia and Multiply. I used to love Multiply to bits and pieces but after the rise of mighty Facebook everyone seemed to have forgotten that it existed. How sad indeed. As for Chictopia, I remember signing up long time ago though I haven’t really posted ANYTHING. I’m wondering if I should start now. Maybe then I’ll add a widget.

Going back to my cute little widgets, I am not very much computer literate. It was an excruciating phase of trial-and-error before I finally made them work on my side bar. Actually, I would like to congratulate myself for not accidentally deactivating this WordPress account. LOL. Notice the sarcasm because I am so caught up in ancient history! Why did I never pay attention to computer class?

I had this idea of cropping some of my rather fashion-oriented photos. Not worrying too much about which photos to choose, I just allowed myself to browse away and drag whichever felt right. I found a cool feature in Photoshop that’s called color filter (or was that photo filter?). Anyhow, I decided to try a different color for each widget.

My newly-created widgets can also be found on the side bar. Don’t forget to click and follow! And do let me know what you think. <3


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