Project: Floral Dress

Originally, I just wanted to do a pencil skirt that I can wear to the office. But after finishing it I realized I could have made one using only half a yard of fabric, and ended up buying more than what I needed for a skirt. The material is way too beautiful to be put into waste. With all its romantic floral prints and pretty colors going around, it would be a crime to just throw the spare away.

Hence, I came up with a new project. The challenge: Create a fancy floral dress using these materials!

Old rose buttons, floral fabric, pink/navy green zippers

I was wondering what would work best for the spare fabric and before I knew I was sketching the design inside my head. I really wanted a ready-to-wear, ballerina-like dress that I can wear on a date feeling extremely posh and feminine. The colors reminded me of our junior prom that I organized way back in high school. I chose the same blend of hot pink and olive green for the motif and it worked pretty well, I guess. By that, I mean nobody complained (out loud, at least). Ha ha!

This is the first dress I ever made. Before this I had no idea I am even capable of making one. I’m thinking of creating something more advanced in the future. That is, if I can handle it. I’ll be needing more practice, but I promise to work on it! So do watch out for future posts (shameless plugging, ugh!).

For the record, I did wear this dress on a date. Dinner date, to be exact, so I apologize for the semi dim photos. I actually wanted to emphasize on the colors, but I hate using flash with the lights bouncing on my face and making me look zombie pale. I specifically asked Mark to shoot it as is. <3

floral dress (By me) | chained bag | grey platform pumps (Alice Viterbo) | rose ring (Forever 21) | pearl necklace (hand-me-down from my mom) | bow clip

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6 comments on “Project: Floral Dress

  1. via says:

    Marj, this is really beautiful! I love the color palette! ♥ I wish I could sew too haha :P

  2. Yo mama so fat says:

    It’s amazing! A couple of weeks ago I was trying to find out how to sew a simple cute skirt. It looked complicated especially that I never had a background of sewing whatchamacallit. Are you taking sewing classes?

    • Marj Ramos says:

      Thanks Eloize! I had a short dressmaking class in high school, so I know the basics. Now I’m enrolled in a sewing class at FIP. Pero this one I haven’t learned yet. I studied on my own lang out of curiosity and excitement. :))

  3. Henry says:

    Hello Marj! I don’t know how did you make this wonderful blog, Its really wonderful and cool just like the author, hehe. I’m gonna add this one.

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