My mane story

I had long hair practically all my life. When I entered college, I had it permed, straightened, digi-permed, then I had it straightened again. Sometimes I have bangs, sometimes I don’t. I do a lot of things with my crowning glory- even the most extreme at times. Name it, I’ve probably done it. I used to have long curly hair before I spontaneously had a bob cut done, the shortest I’ve ever had my entire life. Imagine my mom’s surprise when she saw me after that. She could barely recognize me!

Truth is, it was fun the first few weeks. It felt clean and light, and had a carefree vibe which was actually what I liked best about having a short hair. But for someone as impulsive as I am, I always want something new. I always want something changed. And when you just had a bob cut roughly two months ago, growing it back is the boring part.

My hair went through another digital perm session while waiting for months. And to my dismay, after a year, it still isn’t as long as what I’m trying to achieve. I realized I’ve been patient enough, and patience, if you must know, is not my virtue. Hence, I had to ask my good friend Google to find me the best hair extensions I can avail of here in Manila. The answer: Tokyo POSH <3

So, guess who’s back with a long mane? If you’re having the same dilemma, you can visit them too at the R2 Level of Powerplant Mall, Makati City or at the 3rd floor, Main Mall of SM City North EDSA, or click here to check them on Facebook.

Life is too short. Sometimes, waiting is not an option! ;)

Love my new hair. Thank you, Tokyo POSH! :)

Polo (The Traveling Closet) | DIY shorts (Jag) | Grey pumps (Alice Viterbo shoes) | Satchel (Cole Vintage) | ring and bangles (from Port 88 bazaar) | chain necklace (Amientottie Accessories)

Photos by Mark Clemente

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9 comments on “My mane story

  1. Macy says:

    i have the same dilemma and I am very much interested in trying out hair extension. How do these things work exactly?

    • Marj Ramos says:

      Hi Macy, you can try out their clip-on hair extensions or the semi-permanent ones. Choose from different shades that will look best on your hair color- wavy or straight. It’s better if you can give them a visit so you can try out their products first to help you decide. :)

  2. Yom says:

    I know commenting on this post is pretty much unlikely for a guy but, hey, that style was great! Pardon for the overused description – I still don’t know how a woman’s hair must be described. Haha

    Fashion may not be my cup of tea but your blog remains enjoyable. :) Nakaka-miss ka naman din! :)

  3. Aileen Ang says:

    You look beautiful! Thanks for featuring The Traveling Closet on your blog! <3

  4. anonymous says:

    Hi are these semi-permanent? If yes, how much are they and how many inches? Thanks :)

  5. Maricar says:

    I’m a new blog follower!
    I can totally relate to this post. I’ve been waiting for my hair to grow for a year now so I can perm it but.. but it only reached up to my shoulders since I sported the bob cut a year back. My option now is wearing a wig (only in my lookbook pictures). I would want to try the extensions, it is expensive?

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