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My name is Marjerie Ann Canoza Ramos, a self-absorbed, 21-year old proud probinsyana from Nueva Ecija. Welcome to my humble page of personal whims and rants. I am many things, but for the most part, a journalist, an economist, a fashion lover, a photography enthusiast, and a food junkie.

Basically, I am an artist (or at least I believe I am), hence this blog.

My objet d’ art is journalism. I am a mediocre singer and dancer, and as much as I hate to admit, I actually suck at any sport. I know I can’t kick balls to save my life, but writing is a different story because it has always been my first love. I was born to become a journalist. The world can tell me otherwise, but still it won’t stop me from writing. That I cherish to bits and pieces!

My objet d’ art is fashion. For what it’s worth, I am a self-confessed shopaholic. I am  an economist who is well aware of the difference between luxury and necessity, but If I must be blunt, I myself flunk at the concept of self-control. (Well, there is still plenty of time to work on this one.) Though I may not be a fashion guru, I believe in the importance of developing one’s own personal style. I am all about heels, lip gloss, and  all that glitters.

My objet d’ art is photography. Aside from being an enormously vain individual who is fond of  taking photos of thyself, capturing images of people, things, and places around the world is also my avenue for creativity and self expression. I’d say beauty is subjective as it always depends on who sees it. With that in mind, my own Kodak moments merely aim to express, not to impress.

My objet d’ art is food. I am not exactly good at cooking even though I grew up with my mom and my sister who are both exceptional when it comes to the kitchen mechanics. My human body fails to show it, but I love to eat as much as Romeo loved Juliet, as much as Edward loved Bella, and as much as Harry wanted Voldemort dead (okay, I went overboard here). Point is, calories be damned, I am going to trace the sweetest of sweets that this planet has to offer!

Economics is my objet d’ art. I am a non-apathetic citizen living in a third world country but hoping the best for this nation. I studied BS Economics and Public Policy in San Beda College. And with what little I can do to change the politically-driven ways of this country, I still do not think it’s impossible that one day my grand children and their grand children can enjoy a peaceful and just society.

I am a little girl with big dreams. I am from a small town learning high fashion here in the metro. I am a fairytale believer in search of my own glass slipper.


One comment on “About the author

  1. WOW! A fella Nova Ecijana!! It’s just undeniable that our province is oozing with pretty lads. :> LOL! Noice blog! Hope you could visit mine :”>

    xo, HANIE :D

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