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Thank you so much to the very fabulous Nadia Cayco for featuring me in her blog. <3

Disclaimer: In the occupation line, I was “HR practitioner” during the time of asking. I hope I’m not confusing anyone.



I’m a Candy Girl!

Candy Magazine has been my style bible growing up. I referred to its much-loved pages for as long as I can remember. It literally served as my survival guide all throughout my teenybopper days- what to wear to prom, how to impress my high school crush, where to spend my summer vacation, how to eliminate my unwanted zits… Point is, Candy saved my ass as I tried to beat the challenges of going under puberty.

I know I might already be past my teenage years, but this week I happen to be Candymag.com’s It Girl On The Web. (Yay!) Awesome is an understatement. I am seeing sparks everywhere. *overmwhelmed forever* 0_o


Btw, 9 out of 10 photos that I submitted were shot by Mark Clemente. He’s my favorite photographer for the obvious reason- he’s a genius! ♥

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