The Barbie-Ken Wedding

I was reading the news in Yahoo! Philippines when I stumbled upon the photos of the cutest wedding in the history of international fashion scene. I knew the bride since I was three years of age, and she was in fact my first ever style icon. Seriously. Who doesn’t know Barbie?

I freaked out when I discovered that she already tied the knot with her Ken. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited (LOL!). But I wouldn’t miss it for the whole world! And you shouldn’t either. So let me share these gorgeous photos with you as Barbie and Ken both say “I do.”

The preparation before the wedding

The lucky groom

The wedding ceremony

"You may now kiss the bride..."

The reception

The honeymoon? <3

Congratulations, Barbie and Ken! <3

And if I may just add, the photographer is a total genius. Hats off to you, whoever you are! ;)

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