The Game of Love… or not!

For the record, I actually wanted a silent breakup. Before Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook, no one really gives a damn about someone else’s relationship status. Nowadays, you really can’t help it once people start talking.

I genuinely wished that the gossip and tittle-tattles would end with a natural death by being silent, but you know what they say; if you don’t pour water on it today, rumours would have spread like wildfire by tomorrow. And that, I say, is true.

While some are too eager to figure it out on their own, and others making things more complicated with their own version of the story, let me break the ice by saying this: Once a relationship fails, only two people are credible enough to say what went wrong.

Now here I am, doing yet again the only thing I think I’m good at- writing. Because finally, I can’t shut the hell up, too.

Relationships are the biggest paradox in the face of the planet. At first, you start off by trying to make each other the happiest human being alive. And then eventually, you end things with a contest of who can hurt the other more. And if you ask me, I suck at this game. It’s stupid, because all of a sudden those two people forget that they were once in love. They both become too engrossed with the game of who-is-left-with-more-pride, and that’s when they end up hating each other. But no matter how hard they play, the sad reality is, they’ll both end up losing anyway.

With respect to the four-year relationship that I had, I’ll stop talking now. And so should you.

So, I guess that’s it. Did I miss anything?

Oh, right… Cease fire! :)