I love hue!

grey sweater (Forever 21) | tank top (Forever 21) | bandage skirt (Forever 21) | satchel (Cole Vintage) | bright yellow platform pumps (Alice Viterbo) | tassel earrings (The Reap Accessories) | cross connector ring (Forever 21)

I brought bold and bright colors to the Hang Ten bloggers event last Sunday. To start off, I wore my new tassel earrings that were tucked away with a label that says “not for work.” Got this from The Reap Accessories when I dropped by Carnival de Rainhas bazaar weeks ago, and since then I have always visualized color blocking with it. It feels surprisingly light, and how unfortunate it can’t be for my everyday use.

As you may notice, I think I might have gone a little crazy while experimenting on a loud and colorful palette this time. But in an effort not to go overboard, I forced myself to go minimal on accessorizing instead. I call it fair trade. I’ve obviously been obsessing over color blocking for the past few months and I’m guessing the syndrome will last for another season. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

FYI, I wore this on a rainy day. I seldom allow the weather to interfere with my fashion freedom anyway, so off I went wearing bandage skirt and high heels. Don’t judge though! I only get to go out on weekends, and I hate being deprived by corporate dress codes and stereotypes who, in fact, believe that vanity is on the same page with murder. Ugh! I say it’s a free country and fashion is under freedom of expression.

One of the many reasons why I love democracy. :)

Photos by Mark Clemente 

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Port 88 Bazaar 09.17.2011

September 17, 2011. Port 88 Bazaar.

I’m not always present when there are scheduled bazaars around the metro, but the past weekend I obviously got carried away and went bazaar-hopping to my heart’s content. My first stop: the biggest mid-year bazaar held at The Megatent Events Venue.

My friends and I went to Port 88 last Saturday  after watching Contagion (which was, by the way, a very intelligent film). We were just in Greenhills so we thought of dropping by, and I couldn’t bear  the thought of missing out on all the shopping excitement with some of the trendiest brands participating in the event. And when we got there, oh boy, I was so right. Megatent was practically oozing with pretty clothes, cute accessories, and beautiful shoes scattered all around the place. There’s Cole Vintage, Virtual Mae, Five By Five, So!Fab, Charles & Keith and many more. It’s a crazy shopping haven. You’d want to take everything home!

Scroll down and take a peek:

FYI: All photos were taken by my boyfriend Mark. Sorry for looking a bit cranky. I went here straight from the office. And though my skirt is maybe a bit too short, I swear I tried my best to adhere to corporate dress code. :)

With my sister Micah <3

Cute statement rings. Sex and The City. LOL. =P

My friend Khryc and the girls behind Erzullie for plus-sized beauties :)

Almost everything's on sale! :D

I wasn’t exactly a big fan of bazaars, but this time I had a whooping experience! I am so excited to try on everything I bought, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s Port 88 event. Totally blissful!

Next post: Carnival de Rainhas. :)

Happy days are here again!

Unfortunately, the concept of an eight-hour sleep is underrated in the corporate world. But I’m not dwelling on that, because there are so many good things happening in my life right now. I am trying to focus on being positive instead.

heart-printed top (Maldita) | vest (Giordano) | shorts (from Greenhills) | heels (Michael Antonio) | bangles (Girlshoppe) | red headband | studded ring (from Singapore) | robot ring (from Greenhills)

To start off, I am working on backlog! Yes, finally! These photos were taken around mid-August. The second half of that month practically caught me off guard with an overwhelming schedule, hence the late upload. I am still trying to adjust to my new daily routine, but I’m pretty confident that I’m on the right track somehow. I mean, my social life is slowly turning back to normal, considering that I’m required to work six days a week.

I spent the past weekend attending bazaars. Saturday at Port 88 in Megatent and Sunday at Carnival de Rainhas in Rockwell. I’ll be blogging about my experience later, with the pictures that were taken in between shopping and pigging out.

For now, here are the rest of my overdue photos.

Photographed by Mark Clemente.

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Project: Flared Dress

I was beguiled at first sight when I spotted on the movie poster for One Day. It was the perfect kiss, the perfect atmosphere, and the perfect vintage fashion. Tell me, who did not fall in love with Anne Hathaway and her flared skirt paired with those Dr. Martens boots? I, for one, am besotted. I told myself I must create a look similar to it, hence the challenge: Design a flared dress inspired by Emma Morley of One Day.

The Inspiration: Emma Morley of One Day (photo by cinemablend.com)

Materials: Navy blue fabric (printed), zipper, small buttons in beige, bias tape

The fabric caught my attention because of the print. It has scissors on it and a tape measure at the hem. It looked so enticing for someone like me who’s into sewing and fashion design. Plus, I thought the color was perfect, exactly the shade of blue that I wanted.

Compared to Emma Morley’s classic urban style in the movie poster, I did a tube dress to make it seem more feminine. My intention was to get an inspiration out of it, and not to copy the entire look. To tweak it some more, I paired the dress with my Forever 21 loafer boots. It’s the closest that I have to Doc Martens signature footwear. Also redundant with ribbons as you may notice, I am obviously a lot more girly.

This is the second dress that I made myself. I think I’m learning something new every time, so I’m taking it positively while practicing. Wish me luck on that! :)

Dress (self-made) | loafer boots (Forever 21) | necklace (from Singapore) | bracelet (Simple Joys) | robot ring (from Greenhills) | studded ring (Forever 21)

Photography by Mark Clemente

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The Barbie-Ken Wedding

I was reading the news in Yahoo! Philippines when I stumbled upon the photos of the cutest wedding in the history of international fashion scene. I knew the bride since I was three years of age, and she was in fact my first ever style icon. Seriously. Who doesn’t know Barbie?

I freaked out when I discovered that she already tied the knot with her Ken. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited (LOL!). But I wouldn’t miss it for the whole world! And you shouldn’t either. So let me share these gorgeous photos with you as Barbie and Ken both say “I do.”

The preparation before the wedding

The lucky groom

The wedding ceremony

"You may now kiss the bride..."

The reception

The honeymoon? <3

Congratulations, Barbie and Ken! <3

And if I may just add, the photographer is a total genius. Hats off to you, whoever you are! ;)

Photos from: http://bridalguide.com/blogs/bridal-buzz/barbie-and-ken-wedding-album

Roses and no champagne

I usually find myself choosing shorts and trousers over dresses and skirts. My hypothesis is that I am not so good when it comes to the really girly looks. And to add fuel to the fire, pink was never my color. I have nothing against it by the way. In fact, I am a huge Barbie fan! But sadly the golden blondie can pull it off better than how I could ever do in a thousand years.

skirt (Forever 21) | floral top (gift from Ellai) | pearl necklace (Forever 21) | pearl ring (Forever 21) | peep-toe pumps (Nine West) | feather earrings (Girlshoppe)

For what it’s worth, this is me trying. I do put an effort to look prim and proper at times, especially when an occasion leaves me with no choice. This time, I did it just for the heck of it. Ha ha!

The floral top was a gift from my best friend Ellai, and I love the lace detail at the back. Additional feminine factor, yes? I tried prints on prints, and ended up putting together a palette of black, red and old rose. It seemed a bit vintage so I thought of wearing pearls- lots of pearls! Ditching chains and crosses this time because it might interfere with my girly vibe for the day. I get carried away easily.

Once in a while, it feels good to embrace womanhood. And you should know, nothing can make a girl feel extra confident better than a pretty little skirt!

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In and Out

I am usually dumbfounded whenever somebody would ask me to define the term fashion. I mean, basically I think it’s an art, and a means of expression. But really, how does one define something that is so exquisitely vague and in most cases subjective? Likewise, how can someone tell who’s “fashionista” and who’s not? Tricky, right?

loafer boots (Forever 21) | canvas bag (Louis Vuitton) | cropped top (Forever 21) | mini dress (Victoria's Secret) | chain necklace (Amientottie) | cross necklace | tights (from Hong Kong) | zipper bracelet and bangles | leopard-printed connector ring (Jellybean)

Question: Would you say that it’s the girl who’s always “in”?

To be honest, I for one am not easily besotted by trends. They just come and go, like how the movie stars can rise and fall, like how our economy can reach the peak and then suddenly slide down to a recession. It’s like making a purchase for something that you will only be able to use for two to three times until it’s already labelled a fad. It’s a sad, endless cycle of fashion melodrama.

A fashionista does not necessarily follow then trends, because it defeats the purpose when you’re supposed to be the one setting the trends. I’m not saying this is an official definition from Merriam-Webster alright, but there is a big fat line between a fashionista and a girl wearing or carrying an “it” item. Even if it’s on sale, you may think you have saved so much for buying a trend on a bargained price, but don’t think that way because business is still business at the end of the day. We consumers tend to forget that a “sale” tag is merely a marketing strategy and not a charity act.

There is generally nothing bad about following trends, especially if you really fell in love, and more so if it looks amazing on you. But investing on something for the wrong reasons is just so, well, wrong. Make sure you’re not compromising your own personal style just for the sake of blending in with the majority. Remember: you’re a trendsetter, not a follower! :)

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