I wanna be forever 21

I shop practically everywhere. And believe me that when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere… and that includes the children’s wear department.

I’m one of those girls who are always first in line whenever the teacher would say “find your height.” I’m always sitting in front when taking class pictures, and I always ask for the smallest size available when ordering my uniform for the Physical Education class. When I turned eighteen, I looked like twelve. Now at twenty one, I still look like I belong in high school. Growing up, it’s been my big fat frustration.

I’ve been the petite little girl all my life. I won’t lie and say I’ve always loved myself that way, because there were times that I wished I was a different person. But through the years, I realized that I’m not the only person on the face of this planet who has an insecurity or two. More importantly, I realized that depressing over who you’re not only deprives yourself from discovering who you really are and what you can be. I learned to embrace my flaws and love myself for what I am, and though I’m not exactly Miss Universe material, I am happy- because I feel forever 21. :)

polka dot dress (Forever 21 for kids) | jacket (Forever 21) | chained bag | leopard-printed pumps (Alice Viterbo) | bracelet (from Port 88 bazaar)

Photos by Mark Clemente

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Happy days are here again!

Unfortunately, the concept of an eight-hour sleep is underrated in the corporate world. But I’m not dwelling on that, because there are so many good things happening in my life right now. I am trying to focus on being positive instead.

heart-printed top (Maldita) | vest (Giordano) | shorts (from Greenhills) | heels (Michael Antonio) | bangles (Girlshoppe) | red headband | studded ring (from Singapore) | robot ring (from Greenhills)

To start off, I am working on backlog! Yes, finally! These photos were taken around mid-August. The second half of that month practically caught me off guard with an overwhelming schedule, hence the late upload. I am still trying to adjust to my new daily routine, but I’m pretty confident that I’m on the right track somehow. I mean, my social life is slowly turning back to normal, considering that I’m required to work six days a week.

I spent the past weekend attending bazaars. Saturday at Port 88 in Megatent and Sunday at Carnival de Rainhas in Rockwell. I’ll be blogging about my experience later, with the pictures that were taken in between shopping and pigging out.

For now, here are the rest of my overdue photos.

Photographed by Mark Clemente.

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Going back to black

As much as I want to religiously update my blog, sleeping seems incredibly tempting every time I get home from work. My body clock again turned topsy turvy and I am yet to get used to my new daily routine. What’s more, traveling from Mendiola to Newport is, well, a pain in the ass. But looking on the bright side, everyone in the office is overwhelmingly nice, and I love the fact that I’m actually getting paid to write. Actually that’s just one part of my job description, but I am one frustrated writer here so it shouldn’t be so hard to understand why that means so much. As far as it goes, I’m enjoying this and that.

Less time to blog also means less time to go out. Somehow that too is synonymous to “less time to take photos”. Hopefully when I get the hang of it I’ll be able to regularly post updates again. For now, I’m forever grateful that holidays exist. Thank God for long weekends.

black corset (Bayo) | acid washed denim shorts (Greenhills) | black woven belt | red peeptoe pumps (People are people) | aviator shades | bangles | cross connector ring (Forever 21)

I started my long weekend with my bangs chopped off. I decided to cut it myself while I was sitting in front of the mirror and I accidentally spotted on the pair of shears that I use for sewing. Just like that, spontaneity got through me. I easily get tired of looking the same way everyday, so when I get bored it only takes me minutes to decide what needs to be changed. One time I even got rid of my super long mane to get a bob cut.

The photos were taken at our house in Cabanatuan where I was most delighted to spend the time off from work. It’s been a while since I last went home. I totally had a blast bonding with my family. Missed them to bits and pieces! Can’t wait for the next holiday. :)

Photos by Mark Clemente

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Project: Floral Dress

Originally, I just wanted to do a pencil skirt that I can wear to the office. But after finishing it I realized I could have made one using only half a yard of fabric, and ended up buying more than what I needed for a skirt. The material is way too beautiful to be put into waste. With all its romantic floral prints and pretty colors going around, it would be a crime to just throw the spare away.

Hence, I came up with a new project. The challenge: Create a fancy floral dress using these materials!

Old rose buttons, floral fabric, pink/navy green zippers

I was wondering what would work best for the spare fabric and before I knew I was sketching the design inside my head. I really wanted a ready-to-wear, ballerina-like dress that I can wear on a date feeling extremely posh and feminine. The colors reminded me of our junior prom that I organized way back in high school. I chose the same blend of hot pink and olive green for the motif and it worked pretty well, I guess. By that, I mean nobody complained (out loud, at least). Ha ha!

This is the first dress I ever made. Before this I had no idea I am even capable of making one. I’m thinking of creating something more advanced in the future. That is, if I can handle it. I’ll be needing more practice, but I promise to work on it! So do watch out for future posts (shameless plugging, ugh!).

For the record, I did wear this dress on a date. Dinner date, to be exact, so I apologize for the semi dim photos. I actually wanted to emphasize on the colors, but I hate using flash with the lights bouncing on my face and making me look zombie pale. I specifically asked Mark to shoot it as is. <3

floral dress (By me) | chained bag | grey platform pumps (Alice Viterbo) | rose ring (Forever 21) | pearl necklace (hand-me-down from my mom) | bow clip

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Roses and no champagne

I usually find myself choosing shorts and trousers over dresses and skirts. My hypothesis is that I am not so good when it comes to the really girly looks. And to add fuel to the fire, pink was never my color. I have nothing against it by the way. In fact, I am a huge Barbie fan! But sadly the golden blondie can pull it off better than how I could ever do in a thousand years.

skirt (Forever 21) | floral top (gift from Ellai) | pearl necklace (Forever 21) | pearl ring (Forever 21) | peep-toe pumps (Nine West) | feather earrings (Girlshoppe)

For what it’s worth, this is me trying. I do put an effort to look prim and proper at times, especially when an occasion leaves me with no choice. This time, I did it just for the heck of it. Ha ha!

The floral top was a gift from my best friend Ellai, and I love the lace detail at the back. Additional feminine factor, yes? I tried prints on prints, and ended up putting together a palette of black, red and old rose. It seemed a bit vintage so I thought of wearing pearls- lots of pearls! Ditching chains and crosses this time because it might interfere with my girly vibe for the day. I get carried away easily.

Once in a while, it feels good to embrace womanhood. And you should know, nothing can make a girl feel extra confident better than a pretty little skirt!

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New widgets for Objet d’ art!

I spent the whole day at home due to the tropical storm Juaning. I was supposed to go to Eastwood today and process my clearance (yes, you read it correctly), but to no avail. My alarm clock was powerless against my very comfortable bed in this cold and blame-the-rain-why-I-am-feeling-lazy kind of weather.

Anyhow, to make myself feel somewhat productive, I thought of creating new widgets for my blog. One each for my Twitter, Bloglovin, Lookbook, Tumblr and Facebook account. I had second thoughts about doing one for my Facebook since I seldom approve friend requests from people I don’t personally know. I’m still a huge fan of keeping my network private, but I guess I somehow enjoyed playing with Photoshop so I ended up making one for Facebook anyway. Ha ha!

I’m still arguing with myself whether or not I should bother creating widgets for Chictopia and Multiply. I used to love Multiply to bits and pieces but after the rise of mighty Facebook everyone seemed to have forgotten that it existed. How sad indeed. As for Chictopia, I remember signing up long time ago though I haven’t really posted ANYTHING. I’m wondering if I should start now. Maybe then I’ll add a widget.

Going back to my cute little widgets, I am not very much computer literate. It was an excruciating phase of trial-and-error before I finally made them work on my side bar. Actually, I would like to congratulate myself for not accidentally deactivating this WordPress account. LOL. Notice the sarcasm because I am so caught up in ancient history! Why did I never pay attention to computer class?

I had this idea of cropping some of my rather fashion-oriented photos. Not worrying too much about which photos to choose, I just allowed myself to browse away and drag whichever felt right. I found a cool feature in Photoshop that’s called color filter (or was that photo filter?). Anyhow, I decided to try a different color for each widget.

My newly-created widgets can also be found on the side bar. Don’t forget to click and follow! And do let me know what you think. <3